Your Candidate, Your Choice

Tick-tock Tick-tock….

Looking at my old mechanical watch, the time is ticking so fast. It seems to tick once for two seconds.

After months of robust campaigns and lots of political talk, the time is right here. I haven’t written about politics in awhile, but it seems more inevitable at a time when all the talk is elections.

With the old adage “let the sleeping dogs lie”, I refuse to be amongst those.

Tomorrow 18th February, Ugandans will be lining up to make a decision on who is going to be their president for the next five years.
Over 90% of the information making rounds in newspapers, radio, television and social media is about elections, peace, violence and war.

A number of people have already gone to their villages, some to vote while others scared of the results. Who is to blame? It has been made public that the police will shoot whoever shows discontent by rioting.

The city is silent, traffic is so calm that you wish it remains so always.

Every single call, text message from father, mother, girlfriend, and even granny is asking me to be careful during this time and telling me to vote wisely. I am of course careful but I beg to differ on “voting wisely”.

At this point I am confused on what exactly that phrase means. To me it’s some sort of bullying statement used to influence your decision making in their favor.

There is an unquestioned disconnect between the vast majority of Ugandans. Full combat foot patrol soldiers around town, for as whether it serves as motivation or intimidation is not my call to make.

These elections have booked themselves a place in shelves of history, now it is time to go out and be part of the history.
More often than not some of us brag about how we did not vote in the last elections and how it does not matter. Much as I can’t guarantee the fairness of the grounds on which we stand to vote, it is not up to us to be the judge, jury and executioner.

I ignore the infamous “vote wisely” message and choose to vote a candidate of my choice so that I can be able to live with the consequences of my decision.

Do not vote wisely, vote for the candidate of your choice.

Uganda will live more than all of us, let’s go and vote.

For God and My Country.


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