Supporting Lorna- Medical Expenses Fundraising

Sitting at my desk this morning with a feeling of sadness, moods so low, thinking of the situation of my friend, Lorna. I am supposed to start with my daily routine but it is hard… how can I even concentrate?

Lorna is in pain, I don’t know how to convey. I visited her last week 20th march, 2015 at International Health Kampala (IHK) hospital. Her condition is heart breaking, looking at her in the ICU with those very many life supporting machines, her elderly mother by her side.

Please Let us support Lorna’s medical treatment.

The following paragraph is an excerpt from her fiancée Alastair’s story in pursuit to raise funds to save Lorna’s life.

“…….Lorna has been having difficulties breathing and last week was rushed to Intensive Care Unit of a hospital in Kampala. She was suffocating and an emergency breathing tube had to be put down her throat. It turns out she has a tumor growth in her thyroid gland and this is blocking the trachea.

The radio therapy and follow operations cannot be done in Uganda and so Lorna needs to go to Nairobi, but this will cost about £50,000 including medivac, intensive care, operations, etc. This is beyond my resources and the resources of Lorna’s widowed mother and extended family and hence this appeal.

The breathing tube can only remain for 2 to 3 weeks, one week has passed and so time is against us. I never thought I would have to ask for money to save a life, but I do this with humility and gratefulness to all who might be able to contribute. Lorna is a charity field worker in Karamoja working to empower women and youth.
Any excess money will be directed back to these causes in Karamoja. Alastair.”

Follow the link to donate. For those in Uganda can send Mobile Money to 0772485206.

Please keep Lorna in your thoughts and thanks a lot for your support. Your thoughts, prayers and generous donations are sincerely appreciated.


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