Stand Up, Stand Out

Growing up i learnt a lot of lessons from my father. Some of them have turned out to be my guide for living. Surprisingly, some of the lesson were not learnt from the long talks about the world with him, nor the things he told me to do but those he did not mind if you did not engage. Meeting people and taking up responsibilities has reminded me some of these many lessons from my father but i will share one in this blog post.stand

Most people have settled for less because they think someone is supposed to treat them in a certain way for them to do some things. Well, the bitter fact is that life has the right to treat you as it so wishes. What matters is never how someone treats you, but how you treat yourself.

This era is gorged with competition for space. You identify what you have been created to do and start doing it so there is no time for complains or waiting for opportunities to come your way. We are what we think of ourselves, good or bad, beautiful or ugly, little or big, smart or dumb and have the right to think that of ourselves.

People are doing things and achieving enormous successes while others are finding excuses for failing to do or say things that would have changed them and world they live in. We have all most certainly encountered someone who says ” no one respects me enough to listen to me or am young or poor”, this kind of friends suffer from low self-esteem and are responsible for creating social classes where they do not exist. They are waiting for someone to tell them to do something but the world is traveling at a speed too fast to wait for anyone. The grave yards are filled with all the untold thoughts, stories and unexposed talents.

My father only asked us to do things after we expressed interest doing it, my brothers who loved working with him doing renovations at home got skills that they use at their homes now while i have to pay for such services or risk doing filthy work. This hard earned lesson has taught me to always avail myself for service.

You have to stand out and make your presence felt, you have to be different or do things differently lest you will fade in the shadows of those available to take up the challenge. Everyone one notices a dry fruit tree in an orchard but no one goes to it for fruits, we all want the tree with the ripe fruit.

“He was a quiet, reserved guy” is polite for a eulogy, but why not “he stood out, he was a team player”

When you stand out, people notice, they talk about you and they tell others.

Standing out doesn’t take a lot of time and money. It doesn’t require a complicated process.

Do not be average when there is still space up for being excellent.


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